A simple music app using YouTube Music for backend

Latest version: v0.2.0

Support Android Devices and Android Auto only



Simple UI, feature-rich, ad-free, free download, and open-source.

Use data from YouTube Music with 129kps audio quality or 720p video quality. Personalize your music experience with SimpMusic. UI is inspired by Spotify and YouTube Music.


Streaming Music

Play music from YouTube Music or YouTube free without ads in the background


Browsing Home, Charts, Podcast, Moods & Genre with YouTube Music data at high speed


Analyze your playing data, create custom playlists, and sync with YouTube Music

Offline Playing

Caching and can save data for offline playback

Synced lyrics

Synced lyrics from Musixmatch and YouTube Transcript and translated lyrics from Musixmatch

Many more

Many more features like SponsorBlock, Sleep Timer, Android Auto, Video Option, etc


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